A great musical triplet are Sophiv, Mariannah and Diego, along with Belu who premiere “Me da Paz”

The talented “Sophiv” joins once again the renowned duo “Mariannah and Diego” and with them also the young revelation of music in Uruguay “Belu”, in their new single “ME DA PAZ”, a song presented under the Christian label MY DAY. The video was a concept by director El Zorro Creativo, who is also part of the same label as an artist.

This song was originally released in 2020, however, Sophiv wanted to re-record it with her colleagues to give it the sound she wanted, thus achieving the result that we can enjoy in 2023.

On this release SOPHIV comments: “The song is about letting go of the weight and control that we want to have in our lives. It deals with the anxiety of not understanding what is to come, and wanting everything to go well. This anxiety absorbs us and robs us of being able to enjoy today and makes us forget that there is much to learn from God and that tomorrow will have its own eagerness. That is why we must learn to enjoy and fight for today, tomorrow will be another day to fight for.”

The theme describes a difficulty facing youth these days. Likewise, together with the work of producer Kalein (also a member of Christian MYDIA) and Diego Archer (Producer and member of the duo Mariannah and Diego), they devised this song to dramatize this problem. Diego together with Jonatan Rojas mixed the song and finally Daniel Altarriba mastered it. This team has been responsible for the themes of various artists such as Mariannah and Diego, Belu Rodriguez Kuhn among others.

Starting this coming Friday, February 17, this song will be available on all digital platforms, and the official video on the YouTube channel. There is great expectation in this musical release, since there has been a growth and acceptance of Sophiv’s music in many Latin American countries, as well as in the United States.


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