Elizabeth Sánchez

From her first breath, Elizabeth Sánchez proved to be a fighter, clinging to life. Those who saw him born, die and rise again that day would change forever. She was born in Placetas, Cuba on March 11, 1993. Her birth was accompanied by peculiar events and unimaginable complications.

During her delivery, she suffered a bronchial aspiration of meconium that caused three cardiac-respiratory arrests. As the doctors did their best to save his life, the hospital experienced a power outage. Now she was doomed to die! The anxiety of her first hours accompanied her for the next 28 days of life in which she lived in a coma. Repeated seizures, internal bleeding, and generalized infections diminished any clinical hope of survival. On April 11, 1993, Easter Sunday, the doctors handed her over to her parents in a vegetative state so that she could spend her last days at home. Her future was uncertain. She would never be a normal girl.



When all was lost, only faith was left standing. The love, faith and tenacity of her parents in the fight against medical prognoses allowed a sequence of miracles that helped Elizabeth recover her health amid the joy and amazement of those who knew her. At the age of four, her family moves to the Dominican Republic and she discovers her passion for the arts, particularly singing. She participated in the choirs and musicals of the church, and reaffirmed her vocation for music. From an early age, she learned to cope with her intellectual disability – her official diagnosis – and she developed a noble and gracious spirit. At eleven years old, her family’s move to the United States marks the beginning of a new stage for her. Elizabeth begins to flourish in her talents and it is in music where she feels complete and where she manifests her purest feelings.

Her perseverance in the face of obstacles, with which she has struggled to achieve her goals, begins to give greater results. Against all odds, she finished her 12th grade studies in an advanced vocational vocal music magnet program and then dared to do something else. In 2016, she graduated from Barry University in Miami with a Bachelor of Arts, Specializing in Vocal Performance, proving herself to be a gifted lyrical soprano who has drawn the attention of well-known musicians and industry promoters. Her experience as a soprano at the Miami Opera set the guidelines for her work in Christian music and for her first record production “Nace una Esperanza”.

Her album “Nace una Esperanza” is the compilation of her life and her victories in the face of adversities and verdicts of men; It is the demonstration of the power of faith and prayer to change ordinary, logical forecasts into something extraordinary and fulfilling. Elizabeth is today a recognized lyrical singer who has aroused interest from influential promoters in the music industry. In recognition of her artistic excellence, Elizabeth was nominated for the “2019 Redemption Awards” in the “Revelation Artist of the Year” category, and her album “Nace una Esperanza” has been the winner in the “Best Album of the Year 2020” category at the awards from the “New York Academy of Christian Art.” Also, Elizabeth was nominated in the category “Best Female Artist of the Year” at the renowned “Galardón 2022 Awards.” Her shocking story has been broadcast on national television in the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Honduras, the Dominican Republic and other Latin American countries. In February 2022, Elizabeth went on a media tour in the Dominican Republic where her life story and her wonderful voice impacted the audience of the most stellar programs in the country. The same happened in the media tour carried out in Miami and Colombia during the months of May, June and July 2022 where she was invited by national television star programs such as “Despierta América in Miami and star programs on TV Caracol and RCN in Colombia. ”

With her prodigious voice and her profound lyrics, Elizabeth dreams of inspiring those who feel lost. Without a doubt, her life shows that it is possible to break down the stigma of dependency and the limitations that come with being born with a physical or mental disability. Her tour of Mexico, in October 2022, included concerts, interviews on national radio and television programs, and a meeting with the “Mazahua Indigenous Community.” Without a doubt, her visit to the “Mazahua Community” was the high point of the trip. During this meeting, Elizabeth had the opportunity to share her lectures and songs carrying her message of hope. The Mazahua indigenous community has constantly struggled to maintain their cultural values in a society that rejects and discriminates against them, something common in Elizabeth’s life.

During the months of December 2022 and January 2023, Elizabeth participated in two tours of Mexico participating in concerts and conferences in the cities of Cancun, Merida and Mexico City. On these tours, Elizabeth participated in support programs for children with special abilities associated with the Teletón México organization, visited churches and gave away her music in activities related to the promotion of traditional family values. It is worth noting Elizabeth’s participation in the women’s conference “Impactadas para Impactar” held in Mexico City under the coordination of the “Billy Graham Evangelistic Association,” where she was in charge of leading the musical part.


Through her music, her talks and her lectures, Elizabeth is changing the lives of all who have the opportunity to hear her inspiring story of faith, improvement and perseverance.

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