Pastor Isidro Camilo Reyes

Pastor Isidro Camilo Reyes was born May 10, 1968 in the city of villa de molla, Dominican Republic. He was the son of Cayetano Camilo and Juliana Reyes. His father Cayetano Camilo brought him to the United States at the age of ten years in which he was visiting his land, Dominican Republic. Pastor Isidro Camilo Reyes arrived in The Bronx, NY. and in 1987 he moved to the State of New Jersey to the city of Perth Amboy where he met his wife The Shepherd Agustina Camilo. Mother of her three children, Miguel, Mirella, and Luis. Pastor Isidro Camilo Reyes has another daughter named Juliet. Pastor Isidro Camilo Reyes gave his life to Jesus in 1997 at the age of 27 in newark city. Nj.

Since then he has been preaching the gospel and ministering in the ministry of praise of the Salvation Rock church in the city of Perth Amboy, NJ. In 2001 Pastor Isidro Camilo Reyes and his family moved to the city of Elizabeth NJ. belonging to two churches before beginning to shepherd. In 2010 Pastor Isidro Camilo Reyes and his wife were ordained as pastors of Christ the Save Church in the city of Elizabeth NJ. In 2013 he met Pastor Rene Betancourt of House of Life and Blessings who gave cover to Pastor Isidro Camilo Reyes and his wife Pastora Agustina. Despite the pastor El Pastor Isidro Camilo Reyes is an entrepreneur. Since 2010 it has been with its Royal Prestige Company which offers health systems for people who consume the kitchen products and giving opportunity to others within the company.


Theme: About faith in time like these.

  1. Why do you have to have faith?
  2. How can faith help human beings in times like these?
  3. If faith is not where it should be, how can we reach it?
  4. Can faith save in times like these?
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