Dorita Ayala Maldonado

Puerto Rican author Dorita Ayala Maldonado presents Confidences of the Heart, the second book in the With Feet series barefoot.

Contemporary poetry with a sacred background, once again, becomes a work of art by the hand of the writer Dorita Ayala Maldonado, who presents Confidencias del corazón, the second volume of the series called Con pies descalzos. In the first volume of this series, the author, who describes the craft of writing as “the craft of words”, gave voice to cries of the soul and invited readers to approach the Creator from vulnerability. On this occasion, with the genuine and transparent style that characterizes her and also including her own personal stories, she Dorita focused her work on love and relationships, with the struggles and glories that come with them.

This work is divided into six large sections: The struggle and the glory of love, focused on interpersonal relationships; Time to love, dedicated to the love of a couple; Offspring and An Adventure Called Family, focused on children and family relationships; a section entirely dedicated to women, called Women: Between Us and God; and, as a gift for readers, it includes a special section, with a 100% Puerto Rican touch, called Cotidianidades: Relatos de Puerto Rico.

Barefoot: Confidence from the Heart had the special collaboration of the author and speaker Lucy Cosme, who wrote the book’s prologue, and a professional and pastoral team, who were in charge of transforming the ideas and words into a work of excellence for the glory of God, and the delight and growth of the readers. Puerto Rican author Dorita Ayala Maldonado presents Confidencias del corazón, the second book in the Con pies descalzos series.

About the book, the author says:

«I have written this book with the certainty that God does not have off-limits topics, but that he is personally involved in our whole being; interested in what happens in every aspect of our lives; listening and responding to our cries and our confessions; and celebrating with us, our victories and joys».


About the author
The arts filled the author’s home from her childhood, and there she discovered a delight in reading and writing, apart from music, which was fueled by school exercises, literary contests, and visits to the library of the school.

From her youth God opened the way for her to expose her Word to groups and congregations, as well as to write songs. In this way, she began to channel her passion for writing, thus also discovering a deep joy in sharing the Bread of Life. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences at the University of Puerto Rico, and she hopes to complete the master’s degree studies she began at the Theological Seminary of Puerto Rico in the near future. For nine years (2010-2019) she served full-time at the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church in Puerto Rico, specifically in the pastoral care of the youth of the ACM La Cumbre church, in San Juan; as part of the senior pastor’s work team; and in the preaching ministry.

In 2019, her symptoms of exhaustion worsened, and she needed to take a break from her ministerial life. In that desert she learned, among other things, new rhythms of life; she confirmed that all of life is a ministry, whether we have a title and an office, or not; and God motivated her to organize writings that patiently awaited her turn to be shared, as well as to write new pieces, from her present reality.

On this occasion, she presents the second book in the Con pies descalzos series, called Confidencias del corazón, which was preceded by the first one, entitled Confidencias del alma, and the third being Confidencias de la Cruz. Dorita Ayala lives in San Juan, Puerto Rico, with her husband and her two children.

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