Richard Simmons

Take this true-life journey through the streets of South Florida.
After being kicked out of high school, turning to drugs and criminal
activities, most of my time was spent in and out of jails, mental
institutions and programs, like a revolving door! While living on
the streets with drug addictions and depression, committing burglaries,
bank robberies to an amazing encounter with God changing my life!
This change allowed me the opportunity to travel the U.S. with the
Peter Lowe Success Seminars, selling books and audio tapes for
motivational speakers for great leaders, i.e., Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy,
former U.S. President George H.W. Bush, Colin Powell former
U.S. General and Secretary of State, along with Christopher Reeve,
(Superman) and other great leaders! I also produced my own
Radio and television show for a period of fifteen years!

“All things are possible with God” KJV Mark 10:27
There is hope!

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