Jesus wants to save us and transform us

World Changer: The main purpose for which Jesus came to earth was to die for our sins and rise from the dead is to save us from condemnation and eternal life because of sin that alll people have just for being born in this earth from Adam’s and Eve’s lineage.
We need then, to understand that in order to come to Christ we have to absolutely repent from our sins, confess them to Him and have a genuine repentance because only like this we will receive forgiveness, salvation and eternal life in heaven.
The problem is that many times we come to the Lord looking for solutions to our life situations and we wrongly place them in first place to solve them and it is not like this because also for us it should be very clear that surrendering ourselves to Jesus is to leave behind all our old habits of sin and make a 180º turn to go after holiness and fulfill by the grace of God His will during our life on this earth (2 Corinthians 5: 16-17).
*He who puts Jesus in first place of his life it is for sure that besides his salvation God will fix and order his steps so that hecan begin to enjoy being a true born-again Christian and child of God (Psalm 37:23).
So let’s ask God and Jesus today to give us an understanding of the need to fully surrender to His Word the Holy Bible. Today is your day of salvation if you have not yet received Jesus into your heart as your King and Lord (Romans 10: 8-13).
Christ in us our hope of glory and our world-changing victory (Colossians 1:27, 1 Corinthians 15:10, 57). Hallelujah.

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