Andy Gonzalez

Andy Gonzalez embraces the core values of integrity, honesty and excellence. His drive, passion and commitment to serving the community has led him to become one of the most sought-after and recognized Financial Analysts in South Florida. He began his successful career in 2004 as a Mortgage Broker and Credit Analyst creating strong ties with realtors, mortgage brokers, accountants, financial analysts, car dealerships and banking institutions.
He later became a Financial Analyst for UM’s Finance Department for Pediatrics and was responsible for the development and implementation of a dynamic funds allocation program which dramatically improved the department’s performance.
In 2006, his life took an unexpected turn leaving him confined to a hospital bed and facing a year-long life threatening illness. Faced with the reality of having to “start over” again, he courageously embarked on a mission to transform his life and the lives of people facing similar situations. He launched “1st Integrity Credit Services” with a mission to go beyond the ineffective standard model of credit repair practices and established his own Repair, Reestablish and Restore principle. As a single father and advocate for single families, Andy Gonzalez actively engages in public speaking forums for single parents in the community. His heart-driven talks have inspired and transformed the lives of many while offering a safe place of hope, healing and new beginnings.

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