Susan Summons

Susan Summons is a legendary 7-time Hall of Fame Coach and retired Professor. She is also an original member of the historic WBL Women’s Professional Basketball League, a WBCA National Coach of the Year, a three-time USA Basketball Assistant Coach who helped lead her team to a bronze medal, and has been honored twice as the MDC Endowed Teaching Faculty. She has been recognized as one of the top 100 most influential sports educators in America and one of the top 50 most influential business professionals in South Florida.

In addition to her many achievements, Susan has received numerous honors for her work. She has been inducted into the National NJCAA Hall of Fame, which has a Hall of Fame photo display in Overland Park, Kansas, in recognition of her contributions to sports education. Susan’s positive, powerful, and compelling voice inspires her audiences with her motivational speeches and presentations. She shares strategies on how to improve team and staff
performance, foster a positive culture, achieve success, overcome challenges, harness the power of passion, cultivate gratitude, and enhance both physical and mental wellness.

Susan has recently been appointed to the 2023 South Florida ASPA Advisory Board, recognized as a 2022 Miami Beach Badass Woman of the Year Finalist, honored by the Davie Society as a Woman in Harmony, and honored as a Miami Dade College Outstanding Woman in History Icon. These appointments and honors further highlight Susan’s impact and influence in the fields of sports education and leadership. Susan’s commitment to empowering and inspiring others through her teachings, speeches, and contributions to the community make her a role model for all. With her vast experience and knowledge, she continues to make a significant impact on the lives of those she interacts with.

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Dr. Josiane Apollon

Dr. Josiane Apollon is a trilingual Family Systems researcher-practitioner, published academic author, and a MFP Fellow of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration. She was formally trained in family therapy, earning her Master in Mental Health Counseling from the University of Miami, her PhD in Marriage and family therapy from Nova Southeastern University, and multiple certifications, including in Strategic interventions coaching, clinical hypnosis, and play therapy.With over 20 years of professional experience, Dr. Josiane has extended her role as a systemic healer beyond the U.S. borders and across the world to help vulnerable populations and mental health professionals learn the art and science of compassionate love. She believes that compassionate love is the antidote for our extraordinary time requiring humans to become what they were originally designed to be—extra-ordinary forces of good for the wellbeing and evolution of humanity.

Dorita Ayala Maldonado

Puerto Rican author Dorita Ayala Maldonado presents Confidences of the Heart, the second book in the With Feet series barefoot.

Contemporary poetry with a sacred background, once again, becomes a work of art by the hand of the writer Dorita Ayala Maldonado, who presents Confidencias del corazón, the second volume of the series called Con pies descalzos. In the first volume of this series, the author, who describes the craft of writing as “the craft of words”, gave voice to cries of the soul and invited readers to approach the Creator from vulnerability. On this occasion, with the genuine and transparent style that characterizes her and also including her own personal stories, she Dorita focused her work on love and relationships, with the struggles and glories that come with them.

This work is divided into six large sections: The struggle and the glory of love, focused on interpersonal relationships; Time to love, dedicated to the love of a couple; Offspring and An Adventure Called Family, focused on children and family relationships; a section entirely dedicated to women, called Women: Between Us and God; and, as a gift for readers, it includes a special section, with a 100% Puerto Rican touch, called Cotidianidades: Relatos de Puerto Rico.

Barefoot: Confidence from the Heart had the special collaboration of the author and speaker Lucy Cosme, who wrote the book’s prologue, and a professional and pastoral team, who were in charge of transforming the ideas and words into a work of excellence for the glory of God, and the delight and growth of the readers. Puerto Rican author Dorita Ayala Maldonado presents Confidencias del corazón, the second book in the Con pies descalzos series.

About the book, the author says:

«I have written this book with the certainty that God does not have off-limits topics, but that he is personally involved in our whole being; interested in what happens in every aspect of our lives; listening and responding to our cries and our confessions; and celebrating with us, our victories and joys».


About the author
The arts filled the author’s home from her childhood, and there she discovered a delight in reading and writing, apart from music, which was fueled by school exercises, literary contests, and visits to the library of the school.

From her youth God opened the way for her to expose her Word to groups and congregations, as well as to write songs. In this way, she began to channel her passion for writing, thus also discovering a deep joy in sharing the Bread of Life. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences at the University of Puerto Rico, and she hopes to complete the master’s degree studies she began at the Theological Seminary of Puerto Rico in the near future. For nine years (2010-2019) she served full-time at the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church in Puerto Rico, specifically in the pastoral care of the youth of the ACM La Cumbre church, in San Juan; as part of the senior pastor’s work team; and in the preaching ministry.

In 2019, her symptoms of exhaustion worsened, and she needed to take a break from her ministerial life. In that desert she learned, among other things, new rhythms of life; she confirmed that all of life is a ministry, whether we have a title and an office, or not; and God motivated her to organize writings that patiently awaited her turn to be shared, as well as to write new pieces, from her present reality.

On this occasion, she presents the second book in the Con pies descalzos series, called Confidencias del corazón, which was preceded by the first one, entitled Confidencias del alma, and the third being Confidencias de la Cruz. Dorita Ayala lives in San Juan, Puerto Rico, with her husband and her two children.

Yeny Oliva

Yeny Oliva began her ministry at the Asamblea de Dios Siete Estrellas church in her home country of Honduras; and from an early age he began to preach the Word of God inside and outside his church, through the ministry called Castillo del Rey, in which its members preached in villages and churches, using pantomime, puppets, clowns, dances and, of course , the message of salvation, seeking to reach lives for Jesus.

Yeny she loved prayer so much that the Lord began using it in visions of her at an early age. And she loved how her pastor, Belia de Núñez Castro, preached, but she did not study the Word of God as she should.

In the year 2000 she came to the United States of America and, specifically, to her current congregation: Ciudad de Luz, where she saw the passion of her pastor Pablo Tavarez for the Word of God. This led her to be trained in the Word of God through the study of it, starting from where she had to start: the Biblical Institute.
Between 2012 and 2014, she completed her first, second, and third years at The Sons of the Prophets Bible Institute, located at Mount Horeb Church of God.

In the third year she was recognized as Best Ministerial Profile.
In 2015, she continued her baccalaureate at the International Theological University, located in Raleigh, in the state of North Carolina. By the year 2016, Yeny finished with a Master’s Degree in Theology, at the same university. In 2017, she received a course at her Casa de Luz church, taught by her pastor, on cells at home, on how to be leaders to help the spiritual growth of others.

In the same 2017, Yeny made her first musical production, called Enamorada de Jesús. In 2018, she had the opportunity to appear in Expolit before the media and exposed some praises, with the purpose of making Jesus known through her music. In this production there is a praise called ¨To obey, ¨ where she Yeny expresses what was the call that God gave her, to preach her Word. There is also the praise Come to Him, where she presents the plan of salvation.

On October 15 of the same year, 2018, Yeny began working in her church as the leader of the intercession ministry. She thus operated for two years as a leader, this being one of the greatest blessings received from her personally and ministerially. Personally, God worked directly in areas that she needed to cultivate; And in the ministerial sphere, thanks to its foundation, firmness and dedication, on every Monday of fasting and prayer in the church, that was a time in which God gave preaching and praise through worship.
In 2019, she reinforced her studies by taking a year and a half Theology course at the New York Theological Seminary, located in New York City.

All these studies were the basis of her formation, but with whom she trained, through Biblical studies, was her pastor Pablo Tavarez. Every Tuesday was like reliving what she had learned. Today, Yeny is once again the intercession ministry leader at Ella City of Light Church, located at 1713 Arctic Ave Atlantic City, NJ 08401. And she is also working on Ella’s second musical production.


A great musical triplet are Sophiv, Mariannah and Diego, along with Belu who premiere “Me da Paz”

The talented “Sophiv” joins once again the renowned duo “Mariannah and Diego” and with them also the young revelation of music in Uruguay “Belu”, in their new single “ME DA PAZ”, a song presented under the Christian label MY DAY. The video was a concept by director El Zorro Creativo, who is also part of the same label as an artist.

This song was originally released in 2020, however, Sophiv wanted to re-record it with her colleagues to give it the sound she wanted, thus achieving the result that we can enjoy in 2023.

On this release SOPHIV comments: “The song is about letting go of the weight and control that we want to have in our lives. It deals with the anxiety of not understanding what is to come, and wanting everything to go well. This anxiety absorbs us and robs us of being able to enjoy today and makes us forget that there is much to learn from God and that tomorrow will have its own eagerness. That is why we must learn to enjoy and fight for today, tomorrow will be another day to fight for.”

The theme describes a difficulty facing youth these days. Likewise, together with the work of producer Kalein (also a member of Christian MYDIA) and Diego Archer (Producer and member of the duo Mariannah and Diego), they devised this song to dramatize this problem. Diego together with Jonatan Rojas mixed the song and finally Daniel Altarriba mastered it. This team has been responsible for the themes of various artists such as Mariannah and Diego, Belu Rodriguez Kuhn among others.

Starting this coming Friday, February 17, this song will be available on all digital platforms, and the official video on the YouTube channel. There is great expectation in this musical release, since there has been a growth and acceptance of Sophiv’s music in many Latin American countries, as well as in the United States.


Elizabeth Sánchez

From her first breath, Elizabeth Sánchez proved to be a fighter, clinging to life. Those who saw him born, die and rise again that day would change forever. She was born in Placetas, Cuba on March 11, 1993. Her birth was accompanied by peculiar events and unimaginable complications.

During her delivery, she suffered a bronchial aspiration of meconium that caused three cardiac-respiratory arrests. As the doctors did their best to save his life, the hospital experienced a power outage. Now she was doomed to die! The anxiety of her first hours accompanied her for the next 28 days of life in which she lived in a coma. Repeated seizures, internal bleeding, and generalized infections diminished any clinical hope of survival. On April 11, 1993, Easter Sunday, the doctors handed her over to her parents in a vegetative state so that she could spend her last days at home. Her future was uncertain. She would never be a normal girl.



When all was lost, only faith was left standing. The love, faith and tenacity of her parents in the fight against medical prognoses allowed a sequence of miracles that helped Elizabeth recover her health amid the joy and amazement of those who knew her. At the age of four, her family moves to the Dominican Republic and she discovers her passion for the arts, particularly singing. She participated in the choirs and musicals of the church, and reaffirmed her vocation for music. From an early age, she learned to cope with her intellectual disability – her official diagnosis – and she developed a noble and gracious spirit. At eleven years old, her family’s move to the United States marks the beginning of a new stage for her. Elizabeth begins to flourish in her talents and it is in music where she feels complete and where she manifests her purest feelings.

Her perseverance in the face of obstacles, with which she has struggled to achieve her goals, begins to give greater results. Against all odds, she finished her 12th grade studies in an advanced vocational vocal music magnet program and then dared to do something else. In 2016, she graduated from Barry University in Miami with a Bachelor of Arts, Specializing in Vocal Performance, proving herself to be a gifted lyrical soprano who has drawn the attention of well-known musicians and industry promoters. Her experience as a soprano at the Miami Opera set the guidelines for her work in Christian music and for her first record production “Nace una Esperanza”.

Her album “Nace una Esperanza” is the compilation of her life and her victories in the face of adversities and verdicts of men; It is the demonstration of the power of faith and prayer to change ordinary, logical forecasts into something extraordinary and fulfilling. Elizabeth is today a recognized lyrical singer who has aroused interest from influential promoters in the music industry. In recognition of her artistic excellence, Elizabeth was nominated for the “2019 Redemption Awards” in the “Revelation Artist of the Year” category, and her album “Nace una Esperanza” has been the winner in the “Best Album of the Year 2020” category at the awards from the “New York Academy of Christian Art.” Also, Elizabeth was nominated in the category “Best Female Artist of the Year” at the renowned “Galardón 2022 Awards.” Her shocking story has been broadcast on national television in the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Honduras, the Dominican Republic and other Latin American countries. In February 2022, Elizabeth went on a media tour in the Dominican Republic where her life story and her wonderful voice impacted the audience of the most stellar programs in the country. The same happened in the media tour carried out in Miami and Colombia during the months of May, June and July 2022 where she was invited by national television star programs such as “Despierta América in Miami and star programs on TV Caracol and RCN in Colombia. ”

With her prodigious voice and her profound lyrics, Elizabeth dreams of inspiring those who feel lost. Without a doubt, her life shows that it is possible to break down the stigma of dependency and the limitations that come with being born with a physical or mental disability. Her tour of Mexico, in October 2022, included concerts, interviews on national radio and television programs, and a meeting with the “Mazahua Indigenous Community.” Without a doubt, her visit to the “Mazahua Community” was the high point of the trip. During this meeting, Elizabeth had the opportunity to share her lectures and songs carrying her message of hope. The Mazahua indigenous community has constantly struggled to maintain their cultural values in a society that rejects and discriminates against them, something common in Elizabeth’s life.

During the months of December 2022 and January 2023, Elizabeth participated in two tours of Mexico participating in concerts and conferences in the cities of Cancun, Merida and Mexico City. On these tours, Elizabeth participated in support programs for children with special abilities associated with the Teletón México organization, visited churches and gave away her music in activities related to the promotion of traditional family values. It is worth noting Elizabeth’s participation in the women’s conference “Impactadas para Impactar” held in Mexico City under the coordination of the “Billy Graham Evangelistic Association,” where she was in charge of leading the musical part.


Through her music, her talks and her lectures, Elizabeth is changing the lives of all who have the opportunity to hear her inspiring story of faith, improvement and perseverance.

Richard Simmons

Take this true-life journey through the streets of South Florida.
After being kicked out of high school, turning to drugs and criminal
activities, most of my time was spent in and out of jails, mental
institutions and programs, like a revolving door! While living on
the streets with drug addictions and depression, committing burglaries,
bank robberies to an amazing encounter with God changing my life!
This change allowed me the opportunity to travel the U.S. with the
Peter Lowe Success Seminars, selling books and audio tapes for
motivational speakers for great leaders, i.e., Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy,
former U.S. President George H.W. Bush, Colin Powell former
U.S. General and Secretary of State, along with Christopher Reeve,
(Superman) and other great leaders! I also produced my own
Radio and television show for a period of fifteen years!

“All things are possible with God” KJV Mark 10:27
There is hope!

Darius V. Daughtry Biography

Poet, social critic and educator working to bring art to all communities

An accomplished poet, playwright, director, and educator with over a decade worth of experience in South Florida and beyond, Darius has committed himself to using the arts as a vehicle for change. He is the Founder and Artistic Director of Art Prevails Project, a performing arts organization dedicated to expanding cultural conversation through theatrical performance, arts education, and community engagement. Darius has spearheaded literacy initiatives with NFL Hall-of-Famer Jason Taylor and poet and actor, Omari Hardwick.

Darius has been commissioned to write, perform, and conduct workshops for various organizations: The Poetry Foundation, The U.S. Naval Academy, O, Miami, City of Fort Lauderdale, Miami-Dade Schools, Broward Schools, and more.

He has written and directed performances for numerous groups and organizations – Broward Center for the Performing Arts, the African American Research Library and Cultural Center, Broward Cultural Division, ArtServe, Old Dillard Museum, The World Aids Museum, and more.

And the Walls Came Tumbling, Darius’ debut poetry collection published by Omiokun Books, is available for purchase. And you can catch his TEDx talk all over the internet.